Maryland Dental Plans

Checkout the New BlueCross BlueShield Dental  PPO Plans by CareFirst  the plans for 2015.  These plans give you great choice by providing access to about 63,000 dental providers nationwide.  The premiums are reasonable and the plans feature No charge for oral exams, cleanings and X-rays when you visit an in-network provider.

Cigna is now offering Medical and Dental Insurance plans  for Individuals in Maryland. This is amazing because this insurer’s higher end dental offering has an Annual Benefit of  $1500 and features Orthodontia .

Find the dental insurance plan that best fits the needs of yourself, your family or small business in Maryland. CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield offers both a PPO and an HMO plan for individuals and families. Both the HMO and PPO by Care First offer great coverage for preventive care ( Check ups and cleanings) and considerable savings for most other dental procedures with no waiting period, no deductibles.



The Security Life Plan offers an annual maximum option of up to $2000 along with vision options. Select from three levels of coverage. This is a great long term plan especially when combined with low cost PPO plan to maximize on the savings.


It is important to note that when it comes to Dental Benefits nowadays, considering the fact that Dental Charges are so high and most Insurance plans have plan maximums, that lower cost dental plans that offer network pricing do provide an overall great value to the consumer.

Please also notice that you should consider picking the plan that you would like to keep for the long term. This is principally because you get your best value once you have met your deductibles and waiting periods.

Maryland Dental Insurance Options For Individuals families and Small Business Groups